How To Recover From Joint Replacement Surgery

The joints are the part of the body that allow us to move.  Without a joint, we are going to be straight and stiff.  How a joint works is the bone will connect with another bone through a series of tendons, ligaments and lubrication fluids that keep the bones from rubbing together.  When these are damaged it may be necessary for joint replacement in Hilton Head Island to be performed.

Use ice

Ice is going to be your friend.  You want to keep ice on your joints for a few hours then let it relax.  Then after an hour or so, reapply ice.  This will help with swelling.  You don’t want to apply any heat to your joints however since this will increase inflammation.

Watch your pain killers

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After surgery, the doctor will prescribe pain killers.  These pain killers will be great for deadening the pain but will not kill it completely.  You want to watch how much and when you take the pills.  There have been people who have these surgeries who become addicted to pain killers.  This is not a good thing.  Try to find other pain-relieving activities to kill your pain.


It might sound like a counter intuitive action but the best thing to do after surgery is to move.  If you move you are going to loosen up the joint and help increase your range of motion.  If you fail to move in these early stages, your joints will become stiff and soon grow into your body into the positions and range of motion you give it during this time.  So, moving is going to be painful but will result in a higher quality of life later on.

Follow physical therapy

You will need to have physical therapy after your surgery.  Make sure that you follow all of the exercises and guidelines set down by your therapist.  If you work all of this together your surgery will come out better than you were before.